This is the same graph that’s on "The BIG Picture" page (the link is at left; I suggest you read it first), the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) Housing Price Index.  If you’re a seller, you need to understand what it’s telling you, which is that the real estate market has pretty much returned to normal, but it will be some time [ Home Prices May Not Return To Peak Until 2023 ] before property values get back to what they were before the Bubble burst.

If you're selling with the intent of buying something else, you more than likely won’t get as much as you would have during the Bubble years, but if it results in a chance to move upscale at a bargain price, at a once-in-a-lifetime interest rate, you could end up waaayyyy ahead over the long term.  What I tell my clients to do is to take a hard look at today’s property valuations, make their property look as appealing as possible, price it competitively, get the sale, and move on.  Because with intelligent marketing, appealing staging and an eye toward exactly who your buyers are, I know I can sell YOUR property quickly . . . as long as it’s priced realistically!

CALL ME! [ 360-672-1512 ]  Home prices were up 2% on Whidbey Island in 2013, and the real estate market is busy; There was a 16.35% year over year increase in the number of properties for sale in 2013 (compared to 8.4% in the MLS Northwest Region), Closed Sales were up 30.9%,and as for me, I’m constantly touring with prospective buyers.  And I’m once again starting to sell vacation and retirement homes to folks from out of town.

Let’s talk and get to know each other.  I can find out what your needs and expectations are.  I’ll be happy to do a free market analysis, but comparisons with similar properties are just the starting point  [ Enhancing Curb Appeal ] .

The key, as always, is an in-depth knowledge of local market conditions (what’s happening in Seattle doesn’t mean a whole lot on Whidbey Island) – What buyers want, what’s selling and where, what properties similar to yours are going for.  Without that, you’re flying blind.  That’s where I come in.  Together, we’ll develop a marketing plan targeting your buyers so that, hopefully they’re (1) are sold on the unique amenities that your property has to offer and want YOUR property, not some other one, and (2) perceive it as a good value for the asking price. Here is a list of helpful hints (Disclaimer: I didn't write this), some of which may be helpful to you [ 27 Valuable Tips for Selling Your Home ] .

CALL ME [ 360-672-1512 ] and let’s talk.  We can price your home in line with what properties are selling for today.  Then we stage it to maximize its best features so it stands out from the competition, and market it aggressively (Just so you know, I’ll probably suggest that you spend some money to spruce the place up, and that you declutter by either putting a lot of your stuff in storage, or having a really big yard sale).  Chances are, you'll get a sale.  

Just as important, I can help you avoid some common mistakes, one of the main ones being mis-pricing [ Pricing Traps ].  I’m well aware of the temptation to choose the realtor who proposes the highest selling price (unfortunately, a few of my colleagues will tell sellers whatever they want to hear, to boost their listings and use your home as “bait” to sign up clients at Open Houses) but you risk getting bypassed by bargain-hunters, or squeezed between low-ball offers and a realtor who doesn’t want to spend any more money on futile marketing, while your listing becomes “stale,” realtors stop showing it, and you get “caught in a downward spiral of price reductions” [ Real Estate Pricing ].  And I can keep you from making a lot of the other missteps that sellers make that keep their houses on the market way too long [ Listings That Turn House Hunters Off ] .

Just as important, I’ll be with you every step of the way, staying on top of the transaction from listing, as it works its torturous way through the loan approval and closing process, to the final sale . . and beyond.  I won't abandon you as soon as the offer is signed and then sit back and wait to collect my commission. I make it a point to stay in touch, keep everyone in the loop, and to be there, to answer questions, to deal with problems.  And if you just want to talk, or vent, or need a little reassurance, I'll be there for you as well. That’s what I do, and that’s why many of my best friends are former clients. 

Contact me today and I'll be happy to prepare a free market analysis of your home, along with a no-obligation "Prepare Your Home" walk-through.  It pays to hire a professional realtor.  Statistics show that property listed with a real estate agent sells for a 16% higher sales price.  Let me be that person.