Whidbey Island Military RelocationHey, I've been there.  My husband and I made a number of PCS moves while on active duty (he retired after 24 years of service, including 12 in P-3's), so I understand that when it comes to buying or selling your home, your needs aren't the same as those of civilians.  I'm here to make your move easier, and to help you hit the ground running in your new assignment with (1) a minimum of fuss, and (2) the fastest possible transition for your family.
I know that, unlike a lot of my clients who can take months to make a decision, you've got time constraints.  You either want to close the sale before you transfer out, or conversely, you want to come into town and meet a realtor who's fully prepared with a list of every available home in your price range that meets your criteria, and has a well-planned tour set up so you can pick one and start preparing for the move. 

- I know that you may not be in the area, or even in the country, while a lot of buying or selling process is occurring, and that you need a proactive realtor who will safeguard your interests when you're out of town, and stay in communication with you, wherever you are (Yes, I Skype).

- I can put you in touch with a mortgage broker who is not only thoroughly familiar with VA loans, but can also discuss other options that may fit your personal financial profile better.  Remember: VA home loans are a great benefit, and it can be easier to qualify [ Qualifying for a VA Loan ] but they may not always be the best deal for you (For example, you'll probably be able to get a better interest rate than VA if you have a sizeable down payment).  Here's a web site you might want to take a look at: 
Faqs On VA Home Loans .Whidbey Island Naval Station

- I know that buying vs renting is often a tough decision.   As a realtor, I'm naturally inclined to recommend buying (now there's a shock), but I've known lots of folks in the service who've done very well over the long term by buying homes and then renting them out when they were transferred. 

- I know all about the stress that military moves place on families (trust me on this one).  You want the kids enrolled in school and involved in activities as quickly as possible so they can make new friends and start to feel comfortable in their new surroundings. 
Just for starters, you might want to check out the Links to Useful Whidbey Island Web Sites page on this website.  And here are a couple of additional tools that you can use to check out School and Neighborhood information in Island County:

I can also mail you info about Whidbey Island so you and your family can start getting a feel for what life out here is like.  I'd love to hear from you, and have a chance to discuss your specific requirements.   For now, here are a few additional web sites that might be useful to you.  BUT CALL OR E-MAIL ME.  LET'S TALK :

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