Here are just a few helpful apps and websites I've come across that may expedite your relocation and make it a little less traumatic.  Please don't hesitate to CALL ME if there's anything I can do to help, or send me an email (contact info on the left). 


Homesnap (Android or iOS) allows users to snap a photo of any house and instantly call up information about it 

Sitegeist (Android or iOS) provides neighborhood information

iPMT (iOS) incorporates property taxes, HOA fees, tax savings, etc. into mortgage calculations

Moving List (iPhone) or Moving Planner (Android)

 Moving Van (iPhone) lets you photograph each item and create a searchable record.

 Magic Plan (iPhone) and Smart Measure Pro (Android) will help you map out the rooms            in your new home so you can plan ahead where your furniture's going to go

 MoveTools (iPad), from State Farm Insurance, lets you create a detailed timeline, to-do           lists, and scannable box labels

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